Boys Varsity Wrestling · Lanier Wrestling Back to the Mat

After a seven-year hiatus, the wrestling  squad at Sidney Lanier High School is making a comeback.

Wrestling Poets are already taking in honors, with some team members qualifying for state tournament billing.

“I think it’s going be really a good experience and I’m definitely going to remember this for a long time,” sophomore Poet wrestler Jermey Taylor said.

The Lanier wrestling team had gone by the wayside for a lack of interest and funds.  Now it’s back. Coach James Henderson, Coach Holloway Vason and Joey Farmer say it took a while to jumpstart the program again.

Yet they are cautiously optimistic as more challenges lie ahead in creating opportunities to gain a number of victories.  “We will promote the team through past Alumni, social media, by word of mouth, and by how we carry ourselves in the community,” Head Coach James Henderson says.

“I wish wrestling was here my first three years,” says Kerry Hawthorne a senior who is wrestling for his first – and last – year.” I would’ve been in better shape for football season.”

Coach Farmer, a Fort Payne native who is new to the Castle, wants to make each day count by having successful practices and wrestling meets.

“All I need is their great effort,” says Coach Farmer, who wrestled in grades 2-9.

“I believe we’re going to win the state championship because we have great practices and matches,” says senior Keishon Stalling, who also wrestles to stay fit. “Never give up. Never surrender.”